Epic new teaser trailer launched for Australian sci-fi, Space/Time

Australian Production Company Mohworks Films has launched the teaser trailer for its upcoming feature, sci-fi adventure, SPACE/TIME.

SPACE/TIME is the first feature film from Australian director Michael O’Halloran, exhibiting the onscreen talents of Ashlee Lollback (Don’t Tell), Hugh Parker (My Mistress, BBC’s Black Books) and Pacharo Mzembe (Danger Five, Underbelly).

Michael, whose passion for grand genre films with a real sense of scale, had no intention of making a feature film debut that did not announce itself by knocking down the door of the industry. “Conventional wisdom when setting out to make an independent film is to avoid large casts, multiple locations, night shooting and big action scenes,” said O’Halloran. “We managed to include all of these and more, making a piece of cinema that feels much bigger onscreen than the production would suggest and this is all down to our incredible team. I can’t wait for everyone to get to see a taste of their briliant work.”

SPACE/TIME has been conceived as a thoughtful and intelligent science fiction film with a sense of fun and adventure – a thinking person’s film that aims to entertain both on a visceral level but also an intellectual level, pleasing sci-fi lovers everywhere.

SPACE/TIME is due out in 2017. You can find out more via the film’s website here.




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