Third teaser drops for 3rd NIGHT

A third teaser trailer has dropped for 3rd NIGHT.

A feature film debut for writer and director Adam Graveley, the unsetting new horror film is set in the isolated surrounds of country Western Australia.

3rd NIGHT is a nail-biting story which unfolds over the first three nights of a couples new life in their farm house. When their beloved cat, Nook, goes missing an unnerving and chilling set of events begin as someone or something watches their every move determined to tear their dream life apart and turn it into a living nightmare.

3rd NIGHT examines a couples demise as their dream life crumbles around them and their darkest fears are realised with horrific consequences.

Jesse McGinn, Robert Heartburn, Bruce Denny, Connor Gosatti, Rose McKenna, Dan Williamson, Jenelle Altinier, Audrey Degenaar and Koala Kern star.

You can keep up to date with the film via its Facebook page here.

3rd NIGHT is eyeing a 2017 release.

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