6 things you never knew about The Club

Revelation Perth International Film Festival in association with Cinema Australia proudly present a celebration of Australian film – past present and future – through a program of monthly screenings.

We’d just be positively un-Australian if we didn’t pay a tip of the hat to the footy finals. As our tribute to the great Australian game we just have to program a special screening of the David Williamson penned and Bruce Beresford directed classic The Club.

Set in the inner sanctum of a VFL Club it’s a place where nobody plays by the rules and where there’s more politics going on than a family Christmas. It’s a special film at a special time of the year and we can’t wait to bring this special treat to you.

We’re selling out each session of Australian Revelations so if you want to be part of the experience book early!.

The Club will screen at The Backlot Perth on Tuesday, September 27 from 6.30pm. Tickets here.

The Club

Directed by Bruce Beresford
Written by David Williamson
Produced by Matt Carroll and Moya Iceton
Starring Jack Thompson, Graham Kennedy, Frank Wilson, Harold Hopkins and John Howard
Synopsis Boardroom and dressing-room intrigues spill on to the field at the Australian Rules football club.

6 things you may have never known about The Club:

  1. Director Bruce Beresford and screenwriter David Williamson also collaborated on Don’s Party, also based on one of Williamson’s stage plays.
  2. The Club was filmed in and around the club rooms and grounds of the actual Collingwood Football Club.
  3. The real Collingwood football team appear on field and as extras in the film, including club legend Rene Kink.
  4. Jack Thomspon took inspiration for his character from Aussie Rules legends Ron Barassi and Tom Hafey whom Thompson received technical advice from.
  5. The Collingwood Football Club refused to let the production use the images of past players that hung on the walls inside the club but allowed them to make copies and use them. “So we had to get all these photographs down, do copies, frame them exactly the same and put them back up. It always struck me as being very odd, but everything with Collingwood tended to be a little bit like that,” said Beresford.
  6. On his agents advice, actor John Howards lowered his age when he auditioned for his roll in The Club.

Source: The Classic Australian Movie Collection


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