Cinema Australia Podcast | Black Label #1: Alex Proyas

Welcome to the very first Black Label episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast.

We’ve decided to make this episode special, and not a continuation of our previous episodes, because this one stands alone in terms of theme.

We’re not discussing a new Australian film, but instead speaking with an Australian filmmaker about his incredible career.

Our guest is Alex Proyas, whose filmography includes The Crow, Dark City, Garage Days and his debut Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds which was nominated for two AFI awards at the time of its release.

When I was 15 I remember sitting in my room writing a list of people I would love to interview and Alex Proyas sat at the top amongst others. So you can imagine how much of a thrill this interview was for me.

Before we get started I should let you know that Alex told me firmly, but fairly, at the beginning of the interview, that he wouldn’t be discussing The Crow. The told me that it’s not something he talks about for obvious reasons and that he was happy to discuss anything else.

Anyway… Enjoy.

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