The legend comes to life! Trailer drops for Matthew Holmes’ The Legend of Ben Hall

At the beginning of 2016 we made this statement, “The Legend of Ben Hall is, above all, the film we’re most excited to see in 2016.”

We’ve been following the film since it’s very successful Kickstarter campaign was launched, and today we finally get our first look at Matthew Holme’s new film and it looks incredible.

Check out the brand new trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Legend of Ben Hall

Ben Hall makes plans to escape NSW before the law catches up with him – however he is betrayed by a trusted friend and sold out to the NSW police, who ambush his camp and assassinate him.
Written & Directed by Matthew Holmes
Starring Jack Martin, Jamie Coffa, William Lee, Callan McAuliffe, Joanne Dobbin, Lauren Grimson, Adam Willson, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Gregory Quinn, PiaGrace Moon, Lauren Gregory, Andy McPhee, Arthur Angel, John Orcsik, Micheal Resce, Angus Pilakui, Peter Flaherty



2 thoughts on “The legend comes to life! Trailer drops for Matthew Holmes’ The Legend of Ben Hall

  1. A group of us have been following the film in the UK and have been blogging about it since Matt was first making it as a short – It’s incredible what he has done and shameful he was ignored by the major Australian film festivals whom surely have an inherent responsibility to support and nurture such talent – There cannot be that many film makers down under this year who made such a film off their own back

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