Trailer of the Day: Burns Point

Burns Point Cinema Australia

Ron Kelly, John McNeill and Brad McMurray in Burns Point.

Burns Point

Directed by Tim Blackburn
Written by Chris Blackburn
Produced by Chris Blackburn and Steve Jaggi
Starring Andrew Lowe, Ron Kelly, Francesca Bianchi, John McNeill, Aleisha Rose, Brad McMurray, Robin Royce Queree and Cate Feldmann

What’s it about? A young woman lies dead in a house, strangled by her boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage. Full of steroids and remorse, he waits for the law to arrive. But the law is his father, a powerful and corrupt detective who races to the murder scene first so he can tamper with the evidence and thwart the police case. When the son literally gets away with murder, the dead woman’s distraught brother Jeremy arranges his own justice.

Why we’re excited We’ve been anticipating the release of Burns Point for quite a while. Going by the trailer it looks like the father and son duo of Chris and Tim Blackburn have pulled of a quality thriller. The cast is impressive and it looks stunningly shot. Moody, atmospheric and intriguing… we can’t wait.

Where you can catch it Burns Point will have its world premiere at the CinefestOZ film festival. Tickets and details here.



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