New Australian feature film announced! Heath Davis’ Book Week set to tackle literacy

The filmmaking team behind the award winning Australian drama Broke has announced its next venture, Book Week to coincide with the upcoming national Book Week festivities.

Book Week, a comedy drama to be produced in the Blue Mountains, has launched its crowd funding campaign with the who’s who of Australian art and media world pledging their support to the project, which aims to promote literacy in kids and adults with some profits going to local Book Week foundations and other not for profit education based programs.

Book Week will feature some of Australia’s best acting talent including Brendan Cowell (Beneath Hill 60, The Slap), Susan Prior (Animal Kingdom, The Rover), Steve Bastoni (The Water Diviner), Tiriel Mora (The Castle), Pippa Grandison (Georgie Girl), Chris Taylor (The Chaser) as well as newcomers Airlie Dodds and Rose Riley.

Following the global success of Broke writer/director Heath Davis says his last film’s focus on problem gambling made a huge impact within the community and he hopes to create similar awareness withBook Week, which carries a social message of its own.

“We are really encouraging kids and adults to switch off their iPhones and pick up a book or pen. As a local teacher I’m very passionate about promoting literacy,” Davis says.

“Everywhere you go people are using hand held devices usually to play games or keep themselves up to date on social media. We really want to drive people back into reading and writing, using their imaginations, opening their minds and experiencing life not just via Facebook.”

Filming solely within the Blue Mountains, the filmmakers are inviting local creatives, schools, businesses and residents to share in the journey.

“Filmmaking is all about collaboration and we are really adamant about including the townsfolk,” says Producer James Nightingale. “It’s more than making a film for ourselves, we want to build a collective project and create something the entire community can be proud and a part of.”

You can contribute to the Book Week’s crowdfunding campaign here.


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