Trailer of the Day: Conscious


Directed by Luis Bran
Written by Neeta Gosal
Produced by Luis Bran, Neeta Gosal and Lauren Orrell
Starring Nirav Mehta, Lauren Orrell, Ebony Nave, Danniella Markovoc, Ron Kelly, Darrell Plumridge, Stefano Panarello, Katherine Tait, Alecandria Lanzarote, Alex Muscat, Nathan Black and Kristi Marchesi

Imagine being the only witness to the murder of a loved one.

Experimental Psychologist, Dr Benedict Miller (Nirav Mehta), is a man tortured by his traumatic youth and the violent death of his wife, Karolin (Daniella Markovic).

In an effort to piece together the events surrounding Karolin’s death, Dr. Miller works on creating a machine that can record dreams that will hopefully piece together the identity of the killer. However the arrival of his first patient, Clementine Jackson (Lauren Orrell), a woman incapable of feeling fear and dangerous to herself and others because of it, hinders his progress.

The arrival of another patient, Bonnie Rose (Ebony Nave), a murderer with increasing homicidal fantasies, gives Miller a unique chance to experiment and improve the machine.

Obsession takes over, as the machine becomes increasingly refined, revealing things much more horrifying than he could ever expect as people’s true nature becomes revealed and people start battling for their lives and liberties.

Conscious is currently running a crowdfunding campaign through the Australian Cultural Fun to finish post-production with money needed for the edit, grade, score, mix and marketing. You can contribute here.

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