Spaced out! First Space/Time poster revealed

What matters most is relative according to the first poster for new Australian film Space/Time revealed today via the film’s Facebook page.

“As promised, we are pleased to present the first teaser poster for Space/Time, the new science fiction feature from Mohworks Films.” the post reads. “The poster was designed by the incredibly talented Justin Leggereit with spectacular photography of our cast by Daniel Maddock. Tell us what you think and be sure to like and share our poster to help spread the word about Space/Time.”

Directed by Michael O’Halloran the film follows a group of scientists who are developing an engine for interstellar travel who see their funding cut after a fatal disaster, the disgraced group must resort to criminal activity to finance their operation as they rebuild their space time device.

Co-written by O’Halloran and Adam Harmer the film stars Ashlee Lollback, Hugh Parker and Pacharo Mzembe. Space/Time is due for release in 2017.

Space Time Cinema Australia

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