28th Annual WASA People’s Choice Screenings

The Backlot Perth will host the 28th Annual WA Screen Awards People’s Choice Screenings beginning Monday, 16th May.

You can find all the screening details below, plus links to get your tickets.

WHEN: Mon 16th May
WHERE: Backlot Studios
TIME: 6pm- 8.30pm (Aprox)
Tickets: Standard Tickets $10, FTI member $5

Screening One Schedule:

  • Happy Australia – (Narrative Fiction) Three mates unexpectedly run into the thief who stole their carton of ciders. They dish out some disproportionate payback but are left reeling as they face the unexpected blow back of eye for an eye style justice.
  • Feel for the Steal- (Documentary) A group of young offenders go on a path of discovery over their criminal past.
  • FAE- (Fantasy/ Horror) A young girl moves to the country with her Mother. She is drawn into the nearby forest by voices on the wind, there she discovers and befriends a magical Dryad. Together they aim to heal the dying forest…….at any cost.
  • Outline- (Drama) A grieving young artist seeks redemption in an unlikely place; her loved one’s crime scene.
  • Life in a Library- (Comedy) A local library becomes anything but boring when four of its employees struggle to keep it together long enough for one of them to get a promotion.
  • Absent- (Drama) A young mothers plans to break the bonds of society are thrown into chaos when her farther suddenly appears seeking forgiveness after 15years in jail.
  • Today, I’m Alice- (Dance Film)  A choreography piece exploring the power of the human mind through a sequence of manifested scenarios.


  • La Chienne Francaise- (Comedy, History, Drama) Set at a railway station in rural France in 1946, tired Danny becomes involved in a confrontation with Lulu that develops into fast moving action that becomes a series of comical events.
  • Issoria- (Experimental Horror)  A young woman is stalked through her fractured reality by a strange being shortly after the death of her mother
  • Swing in Seven- (Documentary) Mo swings his way into the next chapter of his life by exploring the quirky and vibrant Perth Lindy Hop scene.
  • Kepler  ‘Finding Home’ (Scifi)  Humans are exiled from earth after destroying it, and left to live on the moon, after many years they embark on a 10 year journey to Kepler 438b a distant planet that they visit to survey for potential human colonization
  • The Shapes- (Comedy) An animated musical comedy series showcasing music videos from raucous cartoon band The Shapes
  • Splendours of a Mind- (Drama) Despite losing her twin in a childhood accident Mona still looks to her sister, Tallulah, for strength and confidence. When she meets the man of her dreams she must find a way to reconcile who she is with who she wants to be. But when she shows him the truth will he even recognise her?

WHEN: Wed May 18th
WHERE: Backlot Studios
TIME: 6pm- 8:15 (Aprox)
Tickets: Standard Tickets $10, FTI member $5

Screening Two Schedule:

  • Discord – (Thriller) A young girl wants to play her violin in a world where creatively is illegal.
  • Waves – (Drama) A mother tries to reconcile her past abusive behaviour with her estranged daughter after recovering from alcoholism.
  • Setting Them Straight – (Comedy) Having been nurtured and accepted by his parents as a gay man, Joshua finds the courage to confess, that he’s actually not.
  • The Luthier – (Documentary) Some professions cannot be replaced, no matter how far technology progresses.
  • Tide – (Drama) When a reckless lawyer upsets the wrong people and is left to die adrift at sea, he must survive the trials of the open ocean and worse, face his own demons.
  • Judi Dench is Cool in Person – (Comedy) BEN’s down on his luck and up to his eyeballs in debt when his best friend MAHESH returns to town fresh off his big break. Together with Ben’s bad tempered BOOKIE these three will stumble their way through the worst and maybe last day of their lives.
  • Council – (Thriller) In a future where a council passes judgment on who lives and dies – a nervous young man must prove his worth.


  • Spoonful of Sugar – (Documentary) Taking us inside the joyous and colourful world of burlesque, A Spoonful of Sugar follows Perth burlesque performer Sugar du Joure as she makes her international debut at the illustrious London Burlesque Festival.
  • Elevator Music – (Comedy) Dex, Clive and Vovo have been trying for years to make it in the tough world of progressive rock, but its not until their Number One Fan, Steve, makes a D grade music video that they realise they may have a shot at You Tube fame.
  • Godot’s Clinic – (Drama) A writer struggles, trapped in a labyrinth of absurdity.
  • Flushed – (Comedy, Satire) An unemployed politician is forced to follow one of his old policies setting him on a humiliating downward spiral.
  • The Scarlett Sapphire – (Action/ Thriller)  When Scarlett, an assassin with a unique skill, has her son kidnapped by an enigmatic organisation she is forced down a bloody path of murder and mayhem in a desperate bid to recover him.
  • [SUBMARINE] – (Drama) A short film about coming of age and escapism.
  • Out On A Lim – (Documentary) A Singer Transcends the Senses. Ritchell Lim is 19 years old, a second year WAAPA voice student. She writes and composes her own music. She dreams of being a professional singer. Like all of us she faces challenges – she’s blind.

WHEN: Fri 20th May
WHERE: Backlot Studios
TIME: 6pm- 9pm (Aprox)
TicketsStandard Tickets $10, FTI member $5

Screening Three Schedule: 

  • The Incidental  Activist – (Documentary) As communities fight to protect land, water and livelihoods from the impacts of gas fracking across the state, a mango farmer from Irwin is taking a powerful stand. 
  • The Artifact – (Black Comedy / Drama) A kidnapped relic hunter guards a treasure worth dying for.
  • Skin and Bone – (Documentary) To cut or not to cut? …that is the question. Bariatric weight loss surgery isn’t the ‘magic pill’ that it’s made out to be in the mass media – clamouring for ratings-grabbing fairytale weight loss stories. 
  • Paranormal Cativity – (Horror/ Comedy) When Ben returns home to find his beloved cat Cuddles acting strangely, he doesn’t think anything of it at first. Cuddles is a cat, after all. But then the evening news reports a potential ‘Cat Apocalypse’, and while it’s all a joke, Ben unease grows as Cuddles’ strange behaviour steadily increases….
  • To The End – (Drama) What happened that night? Why doesn’t Jason remember?
  • Tryptophan – (Comedy) Jake’s love of chocolate is overtaking his life; can he resist the temp;ng treats of his chocolate dealer and retain the affec;ons of his longsuffering girlfriend Kathryn?
  • Loveology – (Drama) A college virgin comes up with a controversial idea of how to possibly save her dying mother’s life.
  • The Mannequin – (Horror) It’s watching you…


  • Dafuq? (ep1) – (Comedy) Is a  satirical  mockumentary  series  following  three  smug  and  earnest  young  reporters,  as they investigate contemporary issues not covered by the mainstream media.
  • My Love, Lilac – (Drama)  An indie romance that explores the concept of falling in love with the idea of someone, rather than who they actually are. 
  • Red Moon – Lost – (Music, Teen, Pop, New Age)  Upon visiting the abandonded remains of a once-fun fairytale themed amusement park, 2 teenage girls realise their lost childhood ability to escape into fantasy.
  • Improper Inclinations – (Comedy) Stella hates her job and mundane existence, but when encouraged by her daughter to act on the absurd impulses she feels toward people, things start to look up.
  • Red Hood: The Fallen – (Thriller/ Action/ Comic) Following the Death of Batman, a new vigilante hits Gotham, hellbent on fulfilling redemption, over a classic Enemy.
  • Viva La Vincent – (Documentary) A record-breaking attempt to gather as many people with the same name in the same place at the same time – Vincents in the City Of Vincent.
  • True Colours – (Drama)  An increasingly desolate teenage schoolboy creates a coded language using paint colour sample cards to express his secret desires and feelings for the object of his affection.

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