Cinema Australia Podcast Episode #7: Damian Hill (Pawno)


Directed by Paul Ireland
Written by Damian Hill
Produced by Toothless Pictures
Starring John Brumpton, Maeve Dermody, Damian Hill, Malcolm Kennard, Mark Coles Smith, Kerry Armstrong, Tony Rickards, Daniel Frederiksen, Ngoc Phan, Naomi Rukavina, Mark Silveira, John Orcsik, Brad McMurry, Jesse Velik and Peta Brady
Pawno is a character driven film about change, hope and identity. Within a day, an eclectic ensemble intersect as lives are examined and motives explored. At its heart lies a simple love story, yet love is rarely simple.
An aging pawn shop in Footscray is the pulse for an assortment of people attempting to survive, thrive or maintain their way of life in a world too often cruel. It is a unique and unapologetic journey into the underbelly of our society. Filled with humour, philosophy and unforgettable characters, Pawno is not a gangster movie. It’s not an action film. It’s not a tale of redemption. It’s not political. It’s not about sex, drugs and music. It’s a captivating narrative about a day in the life of fourteen very different players. Who just happen to encompass all of the above.


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