Daughter premiere announced – Awareness Tour ready to roll out

Daughter Cinema Australia 5 Photo by Faces by Raphael

St Kilda Town Hall is the perfect venue for the premiere screening of Daughter, a short film and awareness project produced and shot in the City of Port Phillip in September 2015, with the intention of capturing the true heart and soul of St Kilda while touching on important issues such as gender violence and victim blaming in our communities.

Nexus Production Group, a collective of filmmakers based at Studio 106 on Barkly St, present Daughter, a brave and eye-opening film project that is supported by the City of Port Phillip though the Cultural Development Fund, the St Kilda Town Hall Subsidy Scheme and a number of local businesses, including St Kilda Gatehouse and The Sandpit. The premiere will take place on March 10th and will kick off from 8pm, St Kilda Town Hall.

Daughter Cinema Australia 2 Photo by Faces by Raphael

Daughter tells the story of three local women of different age, wealth, occupation and lifestyle who venture out in St Kilda on a Friday night. They are judged by strangers and their peers as their lives become entwined through an act of violence on this fateful night. Daughter is a project that asks the question, “would you care if she was your daughter?” The director, Sarah Jayne, was inspired to start writing after noticing the media’s opposing and unfair coverage of the deaths of two women through gender violence; Jill Meagher in Brunswick and St Kilda’s own Tracy Connelly.

Jill was a woman we all got to know though the media after her disappearance and then death, her case highly publicised, her name and photo released from day one. However Tracy remained a stranger, her name not revealed but her occupation as a street-based sex worker in St Kilda highlighted. Tracy’s murder still remains unsolved. Yet both women were entitled to the same respect, both innocent victims, both someone’s daughter – and this injustice was the starting point for the Daughter short story that became a short film which explores the harsh reality of violence and victim blaming in our society.

Daughter Cinema Australia 1 Photo by Faces by Raphael

However Daughter is not just a short film, it is much more – it’s an awareness project that Nexus Production Group are aiming to tour through local venues in St Kilda later this year, as well as regional Victoria, and hopefully nationally through larger organisations such as Amnesty International, as well as schools and private screenings.

The intention of the Daughter Awareness Tour is to discuss gender violence and victim blaming. To talk about how, as a society, we can all change our attitudes and start to teach respect by calling out sexist and misogynist behaviour and, in turn, re-educate people on the effects such behaviour has, especially on our youth. Recently, on January 8th, in an article on the rape of a young girl in a public space, The Australian newspaper quoted that ‘data revealed in 2014 showed that Australian schools recorded at least 940 reports of serious sexual assaults amongst children in 2013’.

Daughter Cinema Australia 3 Photo by Faces by Raphael

On the night key speakers include Sally Tonkin, St Kilda Gatehouse CEO, a not-for profit organisation supporting marginalised women, Elliot Costello, founder of YGAP, an entrepreneurial organisation addressing poverty, Tanya Giles, a support officer for victims of domestic violence, and more. The Daughter cast and crew will also be present to do a Q&A after the film screening.

Tickets are sold online only (strictly no door sales and tickets limited) and include one complementary glass of champagne for each attendee from our sponsor Paul Louis, plus nibbles. All proceeds from ticket sales go to the St Kilda Gatehouse to help the organisation continue to aid marginalised women in St Kilda.

Daughter Cinema Australia 4 Photo by Faces by Raphael

So join NPG on this exclusive night and help bring awareness to these very important issues that effect so many lives in our society, while at the same time celebrating Port Phillip’s diverse, creative and vibrate community, and supporting a local organisation.

Tickets on sale through the Daughter website: http://www.daughterstkilda.com

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