West Side Shorts – Big Love

Cover Photo

Written by Joanne Kmaid

We ended the year on a high and welcomed the New Year with bountiful smiles. This time, we took a unique approach and welcomed musicians into our world of film. What better way to connect creative people than to place them in one room. It proved to be an awesome evening as we combined short films with a live musical performance.



Friends and band members, Jordan Bailey and Prairie Wessman, took the floor with their unique tunes and hearty vocals. Each gave a performance straight from the heart. You can catch them all around Melbourne playing live with their newly formed band, Jordan Bailey. A great way to give back to those who support us!


As the night progressed, we got to know our talented host, Tommy Kay. Gone from law to acting, it was interesting to see his creative side and understand his dream. “At first, Dad was very worried. He thought security would be an issue working as an artist, and he was right, but you cannot buy the smile on an artist’s face.”


Once again, we want to thank all those who continue to grace us with their presence. The love shines right through! Thank you to our loyal Sponsors – Hairhouse Warehouse, Dracon Pictures, Faces by Raphael and Cinema Australia.

Final Photo

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