Go for Broke! We chat with director Heath Davis as the brand new trailer drops for his new film

Broke Cinema Australia 1

Steve Le Marquand in Broke.

The first trailer has dropped for Australian filmmaker Heath Davis’ Broke.

It’s well edited, full of drama and boosts our anticipation for what’s sure to be one of the best films of the year.

Davis has managed to lure in an impressive cast for his feature film debut including Steve Le Marquand, Claire van der Boom, Brendan Cowell, Steve Bastoni and screen veteran Max Cullen who all shine in the trailer.

Broke Cinema Australia 4

Steve Bastoni in Broke.

“It’s very exciting.” Davis told Cinema Australia. “It’s been a long time coming. It’s great to finally show off a slice of the movie. It wasn’t easy encapsulating the tone and narrative into two minutes but I think we did a pretty good job. Full credit to my terrific editor Mat Evans.”

Broke follows the story of a disgraced sports star and gambling addict, Le Marquand’s Ben “BK” Kelly, who attempts to turn his life around with the support of his number one fan, Cec, played by Cullen.

Broke Cinema Australia 3

Claire van der Boom and Steve Le Marquand in Broke.

There’s no doubt some people will find the trailer confronting as it touches on some very serious issues. “It’s a timely and topical film with a lot of heart.” Davis said. “I hope people see it as something worthy enough to want to seek it out. So fingers crossed this will inspire them to do so.”

Following the film’s trailer debut, Broke will open the Peninsula Short Film Festival this Friday at the Rosebud Cinema in Rosebud.

“This will be our fifth screening to an audience and first in that area. I can’t wait to show it off and share it with our cast member Steve Bastoni who is so great in it. I’m just happy people are taking an interest in the film and responding to it the way they are. They seem to be identifying to the material, which is a good sign.”

Broke Cinema Australia 2

Steve Le Marquand in Broke.

Broke will be screening at various locations around Australia from mid April.
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