Sydney premiere announced for Ecco Homo

Ecco Homo 3

From the team behind Autoluminescent: Roland S. Howard, comes another artistically rendered story of an Australian creative outsider, this time provocateur and queer chameleon, Troy Davies.

From his music and video work with Hunters & Collectors, Michael Hutchence/INXS, Ollie Olsen, Big Pig’s Sherine, Deckchairs’ John Clifford, U2 and others, to his numerous artistic endeavours as visual artist, fashion designer and pop star, documentary Ecco Homo takes viewers from the set of cult classic Dogs In Space, through Melbourne’s post-punk underworld and Sydney’s drag queen clique, before delivering them right back into the darkly troubled rooms of a claustrophobic suburban family home full of unspeakable secrets. It’s the story of a life lived to the fullest, with full-on and often heartbreaking outcomes, set to a soundtrack by Nils Frahm, Warren Ellis and Nick Cave.

Ecco Homo 1

Ecco Homo explores the wild world of Peter Vanessa “Troy” Davies, who charmed his way through a lifetime of fame, art, secrets and lies, drug addiction, HIV, abuse, and gender fluidity to become a key figure in Melbourne’s underground pop and queer cultures.

Loved ones, friends, fellow artists and colleagues are asked the impossible question: Just who was Troy Davies? As more and more conflicting facts about his life are revealed and interspersed with footage of Davies himself, we can only conclude that he is an outspoken, complicated, difficult subject, and an important part of Australia’s artistic and LGBTQI histories.

Ecco Homo 2

As U2’s Bono remarks during the film, “It was pretty full-on to be led a dance by Troy. He could just shapeshift into somebody else. That was part of his art form.

Fascinating from start to finish, Ecco Homo stars many of Troy’s contemporaries and collaborators speaking frankly about this complex artist.

Co-directed by one of Australia’s most recognisable names in music-film culture, Richard Lowenstein (StrikeboundDogs in SpaceHe Died with a Felafel in His Hand, as well as numerous video clips for artists like The Church, Max Q, Crowded House, Pete Townsend, U2, Cold Chisel), the filmmaker will be live in the cinema for a Q&A alongside producer Maya Gnyp.

Where: Event Cinemas, George Street
Q&A: Richard Lowenstein and Maya Gnyp
When: Sunday, 21 February at 7.15pm

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