Bianca Bradey joins the cast of Grey Fear

Wyrmwood’s Brianca Bradey has joined the cast of upcoming Australian horror film, Grey Fear.

Bradey – who’s rapidly becoming Australia’s own scream queen – joins actor and swimsuit model Renee Somerfield and Grey Fear co-producer William Emmons who have also been cast in the film.

Pre-production is in full swing on the hardboiled crime pulp horror film.

Grey Fear has an unconventional structure and extensive use of homage, pastiche and graphic violence.” Emmons told Cinema Australia. “It blends the surf world of the 60s with the Grindhouse of the 70s, set today and wrapped up in a graphic exploitation shark horror movie.”

By the sound of things, horror film buffs should start getting excited. “This is Grindhouse horror at it’s best as it pays homage to the days of the paperback Pulp horror novels.” Emmons added.

The film’s producers have promised to provide horror fans with a new flavour and have decided that a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter was the only way to insure they could offer what the fans truly want – hardboiled, exploitation horror.

Keep an eye on for more news about the campaign as it comes to light.

Principle production begins in June with release looking likely for early 2017.

Fans keen to keep up to date with the film can check out their online and social media sites.

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