Actor Focus: Glenn Ellis and Ally Aurora

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“Our success is united! We strive to be better everyday and we egg each other on to help our production companies grow.”

Interview by Joanne Kmaid

You have a new film coming out, Choice. Does the love story reflect your personal relationship?
So funny, we were literally editing Choice when these questions came through! In some ways, it does reflect our relationship, but we believe it reflects all relationships – The battle we go through when we let self-doubt get in the way of love. We filmed a fight scene yesterday and it was so easy to go off at each other over nothing. This film aims to expose that we always have a ‘choice’ in the way we think and what we believe about ourselves. Ultimately, our thoughts will affect everything in our lives, including our emotions, behaviours and relationships.

You both have your own film production company. Is that your success story?
Glenn: I guess it is my early story to the beginning of success. I never set out to own a production company. I merely wanted to be an Australian actor, but within a small and highly competitive industry, the only way I could see it happening was to make my own work and act in it. To be a part of the stories I love; that way it guarantees me an acting job.
Ally: Glenn inspired me to create my own production company. We are both Aries – Strong-willed and independent people who will always strive to do more.

Does it lead to competition?
Absolutely!! We are in competition with ourselves. We strive to be better everyday and we egg each other on to help our production companies grow. Our success is united! We carry different styles in our films and we convey different messages to our audience, but we are 100% supportive of each other’s work.

How did you connect on a business level?
Glenn: I cast Ally in a minor role last year. When I noticed she was working on her own projects, I offered to help her in any way I could. I wanted to inspire her on her journey as a film maker. The last thing I was going to do was let her sink. I felt responsible.
Ally: Glenn saw a monologue I posted on Facebook for a scholarship competition and asked me to be in his film. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life! Ever since, he has inspired me to create my own films and has been there to support me through it all.

You went a step further and mixed business with pleasure…
Glenn: (Laughs). I don’t consider myself a businessman at all; I don’t even look like one! Film making and creativity are my passions. Ally and I have a complementing personality, giving balance and support to each other. All my weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. It was fate. (Smiles).
Ally: (Laughs). Yes, he fell for me! Working so closely on our films almost everyday, I guess you can’t help but fall for someone who is just like you. (Smiles).

A memorable moment in your life…
Our recent film premiere – We both got to showcase our work to over 100 family and friends. It was a nerve-racking experience, but a successful event. Exclusive and fun, we loved every moment!

What film genre do you prefer?
Ally: I prefer to watch fantasy films like Merlin, anything with a touch of magic. However, I prefer to make films that touch on the personal development genre. Glenn prefers sci-fi!

You are an actor, writer and film maker – A dream or natural talent?
Glenn: That’s a great question. I followed my dream of wanting to be an actor and found so much more hidden skills along the way. I am a self-taught artist in all aspects of film making, so I would say it is a natural gift.
Ally: I am primarily an actress; that is my passion and purpose. I produce films that I want to act in and I use those films to send out conscious messages to humanity. I used to be a life coach, so now I aim to place all my self-development knowledge into my films.

Ally, you are Miss. Inspiration! How do you cope with challenging days?
Hey thank you! (Laughs). Challenges allow me to grow. I was talking to Glenn about this in the car today. I think we heard the phrase, “If you are comfortable, you do not grow.” So for me, I know there will always be challenges, but I guess that keeps me excited! It’s not always easy, but the best way for me to overcome a challenge is to talk it out. Getting it physically out of my body through voice allows me to expose the fears and see that there really is nothing to fear. The mind creates challenges, but the mind can also overcome them! We can control our thoughts and that is something I hope to teach through my films.

Glenn, you are a go-getter! Share one trade secret.
Do one thing everyday to awaken your dream and passion. It can be 5 minutes or a 48-hour weekend marathon in front of the computer. That will form the most powerful and unstoppable positive habit in your life, and literally change it. Aim to be better than yourself.

This interview was submitted by Cinema Australia contributor Joanne Kmaid. If you have an article or interview you would like to submit for our consideration please contact us today.

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