Trailer of the Day: The Lights – Catch it soon through FanForce

The Lights

Written & Directed by: Christopher Krupa
Produced by: Kerrie Brown
Starring: Liam Breton, Tracy Collins, Tom Matthews, Madelaine Osborn, Emily Whyte and Todd Williams

In the tradition of The Tunnel and Lake Mungo, The Lights documents a group of students who allegedly encountered an unknown entity in New South Wales in 2014 which made local news and sparked an investigation.

Footage and photographs have been collated and are depicted here for the first time in their entirety. This is the first fully documented case of a unique supernatural activity in Australia in recent years.

“I wanted to provide an opportunity for actors to improvise their own dialogue”, first time writer/director Christopher Krupa said. “I wanted the situations to be ‘real’.”

An open casting call was held which attracted local talent.

The young cast had broad experiences in theatre and theatre management and embraced the opportunity with high energy. Inspired by the found footage genre Chris’s personal goal was to inspire Aussie independent film makers and shoot a feature film with minimal cast and crew with limited budget.

“The Australian film industry is in a strange place, particularly with horror”, Chris related. “I was impressed with The Tunnel as a found footage film and wanted to adapt my own take on the UFO phenomenon.”

Chris shot a teaser using his Samsung mobile phone and put his youngest son’s voice on it, calling for his mummy. He wanted to convey a sense of creepiness and have something to show people by including a link to the teaser on the casting call posters.

Todd Williams was a late addition to the cast. Thanks to his experience in the Australian comedy series Rake and Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms he brought a threatening menace to his role as the mysterious ‘Bob’, an emissary of the ‘the lights’.

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