Rev announces Video On Demand platform – Oz films from the comfort of your own home

Revelation Perth International Film Festival is proud to announce the release of its new Video on Demand platform – RevOnDemand

Diving deeply into previous Revelation Perth International Film Festival programs, the catalogue charts a course through close to two decades of international independent cinema.

The RevOnDemand catalogue includes a host of international short films, animations, documentaries, feature films and everything in between with many titles being unavailable anywhere else on the planet.

Titles are available for rent or purchase via Vimeo on Demand, available for viewing on any device and once purchased, viewable from anywhere in the world.

“The platform is great!” says Revelation Director Richard Sowada. “Putting the catalogue together, working with our film Alumni and revisiting some of these almost lost films has been enormously enjoyable and we hope our audience feels the same way”.

With close to 250 individual titles, RevOnDemand currently includes 30 feature films, 50 feature documentaries and 170 short animated, experimental and narrative short films.

With many titles – and all the shorts – available for free, RevOnDemand is an evolving platform with new titles added regularly and is designed to include specially curated sidebars of works not included on Revelation programs but are films we feel people need to see.

In a same-same On Demand marketplace, RevOnDemand represents a new and equitable perspective on continuing to connect filmmakers internationally with audiences internationally and is an initiative unique to Revelation in Australia.

RevOnDemand can be accessed at

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