What’s next for Dickhead director?

The director of the hit Aussie time travel comedy I’m You, Dickhead is back with a new short film CAPES, this time taking on the world of superheroes – and it’s crowdfunding now.

CAPES is about a superhero called the Dark Blackness, who is kind of like Batman except even more socially awkward,” says writer/director Lucas Testro. “He keeps inadvertently getting his sidekicks killed and so, finding himself out of child wards, has to come up with a new way to recruit a crime-fighting partner.”

CAPES stars Steven Gates, known to comedy fans as one leg of the musical comedy troupe Tripod, along with Jack Beeby and Eve Morey (star of the Aussie soap opera phenomenon Neighbours).

“If you enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek twisting of the time travel genre in I’m You, Dickhead, you’ll love our approach to guys in tights in CAPES,” says Testro.

CAPES is being partly financed through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, where the film is in the final week of its campaign. The CAPES crowdfunding page can be found at www.capesfilm.com

“We had such a great experience crowdfunding I’m You, Dickhead. Not just getting crucial support to fund the film, but growing a whole community who went on the filmmaking journey with us, sharing photos, stories and trailers and organising screenings,” says Testro. “It’s so much fun having the chance to do that again with CAPES, and the response has been overwhelming.”

Testro’s previous short I’m You, Dickhead became a viral hit on YouTube, watched more than 100,000 times in its first few days of release, and gaining rave reviews. It can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAUjt7KWp9A

The CAPES crowdfunding campaign ends Wednesday 9 December. Visit www.capesfilm.com for more details and to support the film.

CAPES promo image - landscape with URL

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