Brand new poster and gongs galore for Scare Campaign


Scare Campaign, which charts the increasingly extreme attempts of a horror-themed TV “prank” show to stay one step ahead of its nihilistic online rivals and stars Olivia DeJonge (The Visit) and Meegan Warner (Turn), has picked up awards for Best Film, Best Sound in a Feature, Best Feature Screenplay and Best Direction at Monster Fest.

“Having a hometown world premiere is very special, but it’s particularly satisfying when the film plays to a room full of people as passionate and discerning as the Monster Fest audience” commented writer and director Colin Cairnes. “The gasps, sighs and laughs all seemed to come in the right places and it was a powerful reminder of why we got into this filmmaking caper in the first place – to thrill an audience!” he continued.

Scare Campaign producer Julie Ryan echoed Cairnes’ sentiments, “it’s particularly satisfying to have confirmation that our target audience loves the film” she said. “We’re thrilled to have received these awards especially as it’s our first public screening and we look forward to premiering the film internationally and showing it to more horror film fans around Australia in 2016.”

The release of the official Scare Campaign poster comes hot off the heels of last week’s brutal 15 second teaser trailer which fueled anticipation for the film’s 2016 release amongst discerning horror fans online. In what has been quite the start for the Aussie horror, perhaps Colin Cairnes sums it up best “You couldn’t ask for a better start to the film’s festival life – a sold out screening, and now four awards. We can’t wait to share the film with a wider audience both here and abroad.”

As well as DeJonge and Warner Scare Campaign stars Ian Meadows (The Moodys) and Josh Quong Tart (Underbelly) as well as Sigrid Thornton (Sea Change), Cassandra McGrath (Wolf Creek), and John Brumpton (The Loved Ones).

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