West Side Shorts – Boys just wanna have fun

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Written by Joanne Kmaid:

As our host, John Orcsik, took the floor, there was no denying we were in for a treat. This man excelled with humour, humility and talent! He shared stories about his legendary days on the series, Cop Shop, and left us with words money can’t buy, “In this Industry, chase time not just money, because you will get paid one day, but you won’t always have the time to live your dream,” he said.


As the night progressed, we watched six short films followed by a comfortable Q&A with the cast and crew. An evening filled with fun, unity and new faces.


All smiles went to husband and wife, Rahul and Angela Perry-Prasad, who directed and produced Some Kind of Beautiful. Their delicate film, which tackles bullying and sexual abuse, took out the Best Short Film Award. Starring the highly talented actress, Jana Gousmett, this drama “reminds us to peel back the layers and find the inner beauty in everyone.”


The generous prize of $495 was donated by TAFTA (The Australian Film and Television Academy) to be used towards their acting training courses. Plenty of other prizes were awarded on the night too. Thank you to our loyal Sponsors – Hairhouse Warehouse, Dracon Pictures, TAFTA, Faces by Raphael and Icon Pictures.

Sponsor Prizes

Our final event for the year will be held on Tuesday, December the 8th at 8:00PM at the Customs House Hotel in Williamstown. We will screen Christmas short films followed by live music to brighten the atmosphere. All welcome – Bring your Santa hat and celebrate with us!!

Group Love

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