Trailer of the Day: Shards Bangers & Blood – Plus premiere details

Shards Bangers & Blood

Directed by: Thomas Stevenson

Produced by:
Rancho Tonys Production & Eamon Cowling

Eamon Cowling, Thomas Stevenson, Deal Baldry, Shaun Seeto, Nick Bachono, Will Nason, Reuben Ross, Quentin, Lucy Hutton, Nick Thomson, Darcy Bowden, Rory Tims, Annabel Brusasco

Where you can catch it:
Palace Centro – 39 James Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland on Friday, 11 December 2015 from 6.30pm. Tickets here.

What director Thomas Stevenson told Cinema Australia: This is my first feature. I shot it as a one man crew. It features explosions,car chases, sex scenes, strippers and drug use. It is like the props for the movie were only bought from the adult shop – although these are eye candy to some. There is a moral point that this country is suffering severely from an ice epidemic. The story is a narrative re-counted by two 40 year old men who both served 20 years in prison.


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