This week we’re very happy to be giving Cinema Australia readers the chance to win a DVD copy of Davo Hardy’s The Lives We Lead.

The Lives We Lead follows Pamela and Edith Keegan (fiercely portrayed by Sally Williams and Georgina Neville), as their long-raging sibling rivalry bitterly steers through fifty years of their lives, smearing resentment and one-upmanship over each of their accomplishments and various turns of fortune. What results is a gripping and realistic overview of a family feud, affecting not only the women throughout their lifetime, but also the people around them.

The men in their lives, including Pamela’s high school sweetheart-turned-husband Kerrod Doyle (played sympathetically by director, Davo Hardy) and Edith’s gay ‘safety net’ Gavin O’Neill (Josh Wiseman, in a subdued but memorable performance) are also affected by the burdens of negative childhood expectations, as each struggles with their masculinity and toxic relationship with their respective partners.

Each of the four characters’ aspirations towards parenthood is explored alongside career paths and journeys of personal fulfilment, served with highs and heartbreaks aplenty.

This epic tale of how characters change, and don’t, will resonate with a wide audience across many ages and backgrounds. A glimpse into the marks we inflict on ourselves and others, The Lives We Lead is a powerful tapestry of the human condition and is now available to audiences the world over.

The Lives We Lead is available to purchase here. You can also keep up to date with all the latest The Lives We Lead news via the films Facebook page here.

This competition has now closed. Thank you everyone who entered.
Terms and conditions: Competition open to Australian residents only. Competition closes 5.11.15.

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