The Crowdfunders: Emo (the musical)

As a non-profit website dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films, Cinema Australia rarely gets the opportunity to throw cash at crowdfunding projects. Trust us, if we had the money we’d be executive producers on almost every new Australian film calling for supporters through the myriad of crowdfunding platforms available on the interwebs.

That’s why we’ve launched this feature – The Crowdfunders – which will shamelessly plug projects calling for your dollar. It’s just another way for us to do what we love doing most – supporting Aussie cinema!

Here’s our latest plug…

Emo (the musical)

Desperate to belong within his new school, Emo Ethan quickly finds a place in the school Emo band as it is ramping up to win the State School Rock Competition. However, when the School’s Christian Group enters the competition as well, the two groups are set at war against one another, making it the worst possible time for Ethan and Christian Trinity to fall in love.
As the competition escalates and each group’s tactics turn nasty, the star-crossed lovers are forced to make decisions that might cost them their friends, their place in school, and each other.

Target: $40,000

How the funds will be used:
Advanced sales and crowd funding pledges will be used to help pay our cast and crew, to cover props, costumes, sets and location costs and to cover the hire of equipment. We’re committed to ensuring that all of the cast, crew and facilities on this production are paid the minimum rates due as professionals in the industry, and that we abide by all our obligations as an employer and producer.

What they told Cinema Australia“It’s a satirical high school musical about love and turf war – think Romeo + Juliet without the suicide ending.”
Lee Matthews, Producer.

You can pledge and find out more about the campaign here.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all crowdfunding projects are successful and just because a project has reached it’s target, it doesn’t guarantee the film will be made, or that you’ll receive any reward or compensation for your donation. So in saying that, Cinema Australia takes no responsibility for any wrongdoing on the fundraiser’s behalf.

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