Australian premiere announced for Tom Danger’s Lead Me Astray

It’s no secret that the Cinema Australia team loves Australian films. We admit though, we do have a soft spot for the independents and it feels like there’s no shortage of them making their way to a big screen some way or another at the moment.

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Cinemagoers in or around Cremorne have the opportunity to catch Tom Danger’s Lead Me Astray when it premieres on Wednesday, 28 October at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace at 8.30pm.

The dark thriller follows a young veterinary student, Alexis Willard who one night inadvertently kills a gang member whilst defending his girlfriend from an assault. This results in a domino effect revealing Alexis’ mysterious and violent past, culminating in a deadly game of cat and mouse inside an abandoned prison.

If you’re keen to catch the film you can grab your tickets and get information about the screening here.



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