Ready to laugh yourself silly? Aussie comedy The Heckler is coming to DVD & digital download

After sell-out event screenings around the country, Aussie comedy The Heckler is coming to DVD & digital download on October 21st. Shot on location in Melbourne, this hilarious body-swap comedy received rave reviews from sold-­out screenings at Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival and was the winner of Best Ensemble at the LA Comedy Festival.

The Heckler tells the story of a stand-­up comedian named Steve who is hell-­bent on becoming the ‘next big thing’. While single‐mindedly focusing on his dream of hitting the big time, Steve finds himself caught up in a dubious situation when his body is hijacked by the spirit of a jealous heckler. These mysterious and unexpected circumstances lead Steve on a new mission to reclaim his body before the obnoxious, vegetarian, port swilling imposter ruins his career.


The Heckler marks the feature film debut of local talents Kate Jenkinson (Hiding, Offspring), Emily Taheny (Mad as Hell, It’s a Date) and Simon Mallory (Comedy Inc) and also stars CJ Fortuna (Kinne), Scott Harrison (Charlie & Boot, The Hollowmen) and Dave Lawson (Utopia) along with a host of accomplished comedy performers including Tony Martin and Jeff Green. The Heckler was written and produced by Steve Mitchell and directed by Ben Plazzer.

The Heckler debuted in Australia with special event screenings around the country launching at The Sun Theatre in Yarraville, Victoria in early September and continuing nationally into November. The  production team behind The Heckler have also embraced an innovative distribution model by launching the film via new Australian cinema-on-­demand platform which allows filmmakers and  cinema goers to book any cinema, any time, as long as there are enough people interested in watching that particular film at that specified session time. The Heckler is one of many films that can be booked   to watch on the big screen via Tugg.


Remaining screenings for The Heckler are (tickets must be pre-­booked via the Tugg website)
October 25 at Event Cinemas, Townsville
November 2 at State Cinema, Hobart
November 5 at Star Cinema, Bendigo
November 8 at The Comics Lounge with Dave Hughs, North Melbourne
November 14 at Lorne Film Festival

The Heckler is now available in store on DVD and for digital download here. 

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