Trailer of the Day: Lurking Woods – Get your red carpet premiere tickets here

Lurking Woods

Directed by: Rizal Halim
Screenplay by: Desmond Hew & Darryl Westrup
Starring: Daniel BerengerHope Devaney, Troy Coward, Domique, Kyle James Sargon, Chloe Brown, Michael Rainone, Rod Manikam, Darryl Westrup, Bryan Chance, Vivienne Marshall, Cassee Lazic and Jasmine Nibali
Where you can catch it: A red carpet premiere will be held at Hoyts Carousel cinema complex in Cannington on Sunday the 22nd November at 1:30pm. You can purchase tickets here.

Lurking Woods is an Australian suspense thriller set in the rural areas of Western Australia.  

The story follows a group of six young ex university students that have all decided to catch up with each other after a year apart. They have all agreed to spend a luxurious weekend away in a tranquil woods location together.

The girls of the group have secretly organised a “seek and search” game that will result in which guy will end up spending time with which girl for the weekend.

We watch as they group start to enjoy sharing stories of times gone by, and at the same time we experience the beautiful Australian scenery and landscape. After a bit of frolicking around, we start to follow the game that the girls had devised. 

It is quickly discovered that not all seems to be fun and games in the peaceful neck of the woods. A masked person is lurking around in the woods and spying. Before too long the eerie masked person has appeared to have gone crazy and starts attacking the group individually as he follows them.

The story takes us through twists and turns and highs and lows throughout the movie, giving you an array of emotions and keeping you in suspense as to what is going to happen next, to who is behind the mask and why it’s all happening.

Not everything appears as it seems to be.

Lurking Woods Cinema Australia

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