Finalists announced for the Port Shorts Film Festival

Port Shorts Film Festival have announced its list of finalists. Showcasing an amazing selection of local talent, the film festival will be held over two big nights on October 23 & 24.



Balloon Ride by Evan Hughes
A young boy dreams of escaping with his mother from his violent father.

The JC Effect by Ashley Davies
At the age of 33, Jay Christenson wakes to find that nothing is what it seems.

Forever by James Walker
Do you remember everything about the first woman you were infatuated with? This guy does.

Tough Love by Sioban Tuke
Ruth knows she is stuck in a rut. The only way out is a good old fashioned dose of tough love.

Bunny New Girl by Natalie van den Dungen
On her first day at a new school, a self conscious young girl learns that friendship can overcome difference.

At The End by Branden Wittchen & Luke Roberts
A man down to his last bullet, has reached the point of giving up when a scream interrupts him.

Slick Timing by Astrid Wells Cooper
Ever wondered who hides your keys so you don’t leave the house at the wrong time?

Unspoken by Hayden Bevis
Fish and chips was easy until the passing of Nick’s favourite Fish ‘n’ Chip shop owner.

Sugar Free by Bridget Farmer
Holds a mirror up to life today and takes a light hearted view of where societal pressure could lead us.

The Last Fortune Cookie by Danielle Hastie
Chris decides to share his fortune cookies with Sue, the Martian girl, at the bus stop.

Venice by Venitia Taylor
Josh doesn’t understand backpacking, Mum doesn’t understand Skype.

1-0 by Saman from Iran
A boy is watching a soccer game on TV and gets so excited he forgets he’s in the middle of a haircut. Oops.

Wingsuiting One of the 7 Natural Wonders by Rob Parry
Strap yourself in for the ride of your life as a band of local daredevils take you to amazing places.


Septuplicate by Stacey Brown
Seven Years by Anthony Ring
7 City Slickers by James Allen
Sand Castle in 7th Heaven by Nikki Rumney
Stand for Peace by Gabriella Ferro
The 7 Month Water Baby by Jenna Rumney
7 Steps to Wholeness by Shani Suttie
Seventh Natural Wonder by Dean Miller
Far Out Far North by Juergen Freund
7 Activities to do in Port Douglas by Tom Watson
Love Letters by Oliver Marsden


Short Film
Tension by Oliver Marsden
Family food by Tegan Marshall
An Exchange of Hands by Jake Neville
One for All by Tayla Halliday
Animation Chaos by Fynnian Lawson
Magical Mishaps by Thayne Bassett
Reluctant Remote by Isabella Allison
Meal Team Six by Will Mason
Meter Man by Manu Moriarty
Forgot Mum’s Birthday by Vasco Gonsalves
Port Douglas State School News by Port Douglas State School Year 5 students

Making of a Didgeridoo by Jacinta Santo
Myanmar and Japan by Sebastian Marsden
Port Busking by Nina Dalton
Protect Your Head by Julia Faragher
The Museum by Samantha Hope

Music Video
Shoe Box by Samantha Hope
I Dreamt of a World by Jesse Mynott
Melody by Isabella Allison
Forbidden Apple by Emily Robinson

October 24th for LOCAL & OPEN filmmakers.
October 23rd for YOUNG filmmakers.
Get your tickets now at to enjoy their amazingness.

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