The Crowdfunders: Pawno

As a non-profit website dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films, Cinema Australia rarely gets the opportunity to throw cash at crowdfunding projects. Trust us, if we had the money we’d be executive producers on almost every new Australian film calling for supporters through the myriad of crowdfunding platforms available on the interwebs.

That’s why we’ve launched this feature – The Crowdfunders – which will shamelessly plug projects calling for your dollar. It’s just another way for us to do what we love doing most – supporting Aussie cinema!

Here’s our latest plug…


The AGE newspaper described it as “the quintessential Australian love story” and BEAT called it “a love poem to one of Australia’s most diverse suburbs, Footscray”.
It then travelled to Western Australia where it screened in competition at CineFestOz and is in nomination for several Asia Pacific Screen Awards including Best Director, Screenplay, Actor and Cinematographer.
The stunning score by Tai Jordon and Tristan Dewey is accompanied by a soundtrack comprising Tom Waits, Astronomy Class, Chris Saray and Vance Joy.
The film has its International premier at the official A-List festival ‘Tallinn Black Nights’ in Estonia in November. It is rare that an Australian feature has screened here and Pawno is in  competition for Best First Feature, one of only ten from around the world.
It is then scheduled for an Asia premier at the Singapore Film Festival in early December.

Target: $5000

How the funds will be used:
Production of DCP’S and freight to festivals
Translating and generating a dialogue edit.
Marketing costs for seeking International sales agents and domestic distributors
Further overseas festival entry with an emphasis on the U.S market
Insurances not covered by Festival

What they told Cinema Australia“It’s a simple little film about a day in the life of a very eclectic mix of characters. Our Pawn shop is the mainstay of it all, tying all these characters together. There is also a lovely little romance bubbling underneath the surface. For me though it’s about how we don’t really know what’s going on in the lives of the people that are often closest to us. Essentially it’s about life, how we judge and are judged. It’s got a lot of heart.” Paul Ireland, Director.

You can pledge and find out more about the campaign here.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all crowdfunding projects are successful and just because a project has reached it’s target, it doesn’t guarantee the film will be made, or that you’ll receive any reward or compensation for your donation. So in saying that, Cinema Australia takes no responsibility for any wrongdoing on the fundraiser’s behalf.

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