EXCLUSIVE! Meet the cast of The Marshes

Shot primarily in the Macquarie Marshes in western NSW, Roger Scott recently wrapped principal photography on his psychological horror, The Marshes.

Starring Dafna Kronental, Sam Delich, Matt Cooper, Zach Drayson and Eddy Baroo, Cinema Australia is proud to introduce our readers to three of the film’s key cast members.

Set deep in a remote marshland three young biologists conduct research, but when they encounter an ancient evil, science ends and survival begins.

Dafna Kronental Cinema Australia

Dafna Kronental
Previous works include: Offspring and The Menkoff Method.
What Dafna told Cinema Australia: “The prospect of playing the lead in a film shot almost entirely in the Macquarie Marshes, an hour and a half away from civilisation, was a huge draw card for me in agreeing to be part of this film.
It gave me a chance to become completely immersed in my character’s world and feel the natural intensity of the environment that is both her passion and life’s work, and which ultimately leads to her unraveling.
Drawing parallels to the film narrative, the shoot was both rigorous and exhilarating. We were at the whim of the elements, dealing with the reality of daily outdoor shoots in the most beautiful and challenging of environments. I have no doubt that the organic nature of the production and creative process will be reflected in the film itself.”
Sam Delich Cinema Australia The Marshes
Sam Delich
Previous works include: Back to Earth (Short) and Meat (Short)
What Sam told Cinema Australia: “It’s a thrill to be a part of a fresh Australian genre movie. Having the ability to play high stakes drama throughout a film is a rarity for an actor, and has proven a fantastic experience both on and off camera.
I think audiences will be surprised at just how much beauty can lie within the horror of this story.”
Mathew Cooper Cinema Australia The Marshes
Mathew Cooper
Previous works include: 
Redfern Now and I Love You Fish (Short)
What Mathew told Cinema Australia: “Initially what attracted me to the project was that it was a horror. I think for an actor a horror film is a kind of right of passage. But then my interest in the film developed because I could see that the script was, I guess contributing to the discussion about Australian identity, or by reinterpreting our folklore or mythology, which ever one it is, and also putting Australians against a landscape that we don’t often identify with or at least a landscape that isn’t part of our folklore.
The film is shot in a particularly beautiful part of our land, actually it’s both magnificent and ominous, and I think to see it alone is reason enough to watch the film.
The shooting experience? Well it was an experience I can tell you that! No, I mean at times it was difficult, the locations quite remote, we were shooting a lot in water, it can be easy to think you alone are doing it tough, but when you hear cut and you look around you can see everyone’s working hard. That really gave a sense of camaraderie you know that kind of sense of community and we’d all have dinner together afterwards, a cheeky beer. Everyone involved, and I mean everyone was dedicated and passionate and that was just gratifying to be around. Oh also I loved the make up. That was effing fun. So much fun.”
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