Full Stream ahead while Justice League doco awaits green light

While awaiting to hear from Warner Bros Studios as to whether or not their proposed Justice League Mortal documentary will be allowed to move ahead; director Ryan Unicomb & producers Steven Caldwell & Aaron Cater have decided to move onto further developing feature film Stream; written by New York based Writer J.E. Clarke.

The production has been courting actor Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Batman Begins) since mid 2015 – but there will be no official update on those negotiations until later this year. The first official casting for the project, David Breen, a long time collaborator with Purryburry Productions – will play Dr. Doug Perruthers when the film shoots in 2016.

The film will shoot in and around Brisbane & the Gold Coast, Quarter 2 – 2016; with the involvement of Cinematographer Andrew Conder (Red Billabong, Boar) & Emmy winning FX company JMB FX Studios (The Water Diviner, The Pacific) with most crew sourced mainly from around South East Queensland.

“We waited to find the right screenplay for our debut feature. Seeing smaller films like Infini & The Suicide Theory succeed overseas has been a real inspiration for us to push ahead. We decided that instead of just sitting on our hands waiting to hear back from Warner Bros and everyone involved in the doco (Miller’s Justice League Mortal) that we would push ahead with Stream. It’s a great script and Janet (J.E. Clarke) is a very talented writer. Im excited to get started.” Said director Ryan Unicomb.

Stream follows a breakthrough in technology which makes telepathy possible; But is Dr. Saul Aaron’s invention a path into the world of the mind? Or a glimpse into something far stranger?”

3 thoughts on “Full Stream ahead while Justice League doco awaits green light

    • Laura – thanks! Believe me, if you’re a fan of Shane Carruth and/or Flatliners… trust me, you’re going to love what’s in store! 🙂

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