It’s Showtime! Sunday Shorts is here with Jonathan Adams’ hilarious comedy Life


Written and directed by: Jonathan Adams
Produced by: Nick Bolton & Erin Harvey
Starring: Nick Bolton
Shot, chopped and scored by: Jonathan Adams
Production Designer: Andrew Boland
Crew: Craig Kahlefeldt & Nicole Volker
Executive Producers: Jonathan Adams & Nick Bolton
Thanks to Mr and Mrs Adams for letting us trash their kitchen.

Jono and I make content all day every day for my production company TEN ALPHAS ( We had just come off several shoots dealing with lots of cast, crew and locations, and felt that the projects were more about dealing with people and their problems, than the joy of making some content. We wanted to do something small and fun.

Jono had this idea of a short film with just one actor, one location and no dialogue and we were waiting for the right time. We had hired some decent gear for a big corporate shoot that we could keep for the weekend, and Jono’s parents were away, so we jumped at the opportunity to shoot Life.

It was really a two man shoot, just the two of us, with a bit of help from Jono’s girlfriend and a mate Craig, and of course big props to Andrew Boland who made the wardrobe. It was just a lot of fun, just the two of us experimenting and doing something we love.Life Cinema Australia 1

Performance wise, I had just come off a month in theatre, so my acting was big and projecting. Jono was always directing me to make everything small. Sometimes it felt that it was too small but he was so right. Its the small glances and winces that work so well.

The flour scene was a lot of fun, we rehearsed it many many times, but of course it had to be a one take shot. Pretty happy with how we nailed it.

Life is nearing the end of its festival circuit and we’re very happy to have won Best Film twice and Best Actor twice. Everywhere its shown it gets a great reaction. We’re thinking of doing a sequel.

Life Cinema Australia 2

The obvious inspiration is Mr Bean although Jono was keen to not make it like a sketch show piece, and keep it as real as possible. We’ve all been where The Man has been, whether thats on a micro level of running out of honey or getting out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning. But the film is really about life at a macro level. Sometimes we wish and strive for things in life that are not what they may appear to be, and sometimes its okay to be happy with your lot.

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