Cinema Australia announces our new Sunday Shorts program in support of Australian filmmakers

Cinema Australia – a non-profit website dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films through independent news, reviews, features and interviews – is calling for Australian filmmakers to submit their short films for its brand new Sunday Shorts program.

Sunday Shorts – screened exclusively at – aims to showcase a different Australian short film every Sunday night and share it with thousands of dedicated readers and beyond across its online and social media network. Each short will be accompanied by an article written by a member of the film’s cast or crew giving readers and viewers an insight into the making of their film.

“We know Australians make the best short films, but unfortunately most of them go unseen by the masses due to a lack of screening options,” says Matthew Eeles, Cinema Australia’s founder and editor. “We’ve created Sunday Shorts so filmmakers can showcase their short films to thousands of people across the Cinema Australia network. Our audience can experience an Australian short film they may otherwise never get the opportunity to see all from the comfort of their own home through their smart TV, laptop, mobile or tablet.”

Cinema Australia’s Sunday Shorts program aims to deliver a comprehensive range of short films made by anyone from the amateur filmmaker to students to more experienced filmmakers across all genres including drama, comedy and horror.

Sunday Shorts had a soft launch last Sunday with Jack Ralph’s Distant Boats and will continue this weekend with another short set to be announced closer to screening time at 6.30pm AWST (8.30pm AEST).

Filmmakers can submit their films via the form below.

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