Get your weekly dose of Stage Mums – Latest episode now online

Stage Mums is a comedy web series which takes a tongue in cheek look at the lives of two stage mothers. Think Kath and Kim meets Dance Moms meets Absolutely Fabulous.

Shaz and Trace are besties with ‘super talented, triple threat’ teenage daughters, Shenaya and Abcde. They are bogan, Aussie Stage Mums who tackle all the important issues: pretentious kids, obnoxious parents, eisteddfods, social media, dodgy castings and Sav Blanc. In a world full of wannabes, where everyone wants to be famous, these Mums will go to any lengths to give their daughters opportunities to showcase their ‘amazing talents’, most of which don’t work out exactly as planned.

All episodes were filmed on the Gold Coast, Queensland Season 1 of Stage Mums consist of 8 episodes, each lasting approximately 3 mins. Season 2 is also 8 episodes, lasting approximately 4 mins and are available online now.

You can catch the latest episodes of Stage Mums here.

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