West Side Shorts – Uniting Australian Talents

It was a cold and wet night. One look out the window, and that was enough to inspire you to get into your PJs and stay indoors. 80 people had confirmed their attendance, so it was a mystery whether they would stay true to their word.

Upon arrival at the Custom’s House Hotel in Williamstown, we were highly impressed by the new faces and interaction that took place. These people were here to support their filmmaker friends and watch a few short films.

Headshot Photography for Actors in Melbourne

Every aspect of the night was a surprise – From guest speakers that took the floor to filmmakers who promoted their new film to actors who engaged in a Q&A. The highlight was the laughter that filled the room.

Headshot Photography for Actors in Melbourne

Raffle prizes on the night were provided by the event’s Sponsors, Dracon Pictures, Hairhouse Warehouse and TAFTA.

West Side Shorts continues to support the Australian film industry with our monthly screening of short films. Our next event will be held on August the 11th at 8pm. If you haven’t been, this is a great way to introduce yourself and your talents. Who knows, this might open a new door of opportunities.

Headshot Photography for Actors in Melbourne

Entry is $5 and family/friends are welcome! To submit a short film or to host the event, e-mail us: vogeldesign@optusnet.com.au or joannekmaid@gmail.com


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