Catch Australia’s Funniest Shorts at CinéfestOZ

Head down early to Clancy’s Fish Pub and get ready to laugh your head off in an evening of fun hosted by comedians and joined by the comical filmmakers themselves. Curated by Vulture Culture, Australia’s Funniest Shorts showcase short films and sketches created by the country’s best comedians, funny people and filmmakers.

Tech Support Directed by Michael Griffin (2.28mins) QLD
Huntin Dinna Directed by Josie Baynes (5.42mins) VIC
Stop Coffee Directed by Brett Conway (3mins) WA
Laugh Track Directed by Fabian Lapham (5.50mins) VIC
Touch Directed by Melissa Smith (5mins) WA
Dayne’s World: Episode 1 Meet the Bones – Directed by Mike Nayna (10.39mins) VIC
The Cut Off Directed by Sam Petersen (1.45mins) VIC
The Boy Who Had no Thumbs Directed by Shaun McCarthy (5.59mins) VIC
The Battle of Who Cares Less Directed by Jeremy Brull (2.46mins) NSW
The Polygamist Directed by Craig Melville (7.05mins) NSW
How to Stop Cats Forever Directed by Craig Turner (8mins) WA

Get off YouTube, turn off your TV and revisit the good ol’ days of laughing out loud with a cinema full of comedy lovers.

Clancy’s Fish Pub – Dunsborough
Friday August 28 7.30pm

Brec – Bunbury
Saturday August 29 7.30pm

Tickets through or on the door whilst stocks last

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