The Crowdfunders: Ascendant

As a non-profit website dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films, Cinema Australia rarely gets the opportunity to throw cash at crowdfunding projects. Trust us, if we had the money we’d be executive producers on almost every new Australian film calling for supporters through the myriad of crowdfunding platforms available on the interwebs.

That’s why we’ve launched this new feature, The Crowdfunders, which will shamelessly plug projects calling for your dollar. It’s just another way for us to do what we love doing most – supporting Aussie cinema!

It should be noted though – and take this as a warning – that not all crowdfunding projects are successful and just because a project has reached it’s target, it doesn’t guarantee the film will be made, or that you’ll receive any reward or compensation for your donation. So in saying that, Cinema Australia takes no responsibility for any wrongdoing on the fundraisers behalf.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way… here’s our second plug.

Ascendant concept art.

Ascendant concept art.


Ascendant is a project we are intensely passionate about and it is exactly the type of film we would love to see made. We believe It carries stronger, larger and more complex ideas and meanings than your average short film. Through the creation of a science fiction universe, an entire world is on the cusp of ‘existence’ through this exercise in short film making. We are excited and more than ready to get this project on its legs.

Hero worship, animal abuse, innocence, nostalgia, redemption, empathy, existence, aspirations, nihilism. These themes, prevalent throughout the film give Ascendant its soul. As the film is set in a universe entirely of our creation, we have worked hard to make it as large and developed as any cinematic universe, we believe this sets it apart. Through production design, sound design, special effects and lighting we will show how developed this universe is. Half of preproduction is dedicated to making props and set dressing that help show the universe Robert lives in, from paintings, pictures, and signs, to a full commercial. All showing a sad and desolate world.

Target: $10,000

Synopsis: In a future society currently being rebuilt after the apocalypse, a small underground Greyhound track has just been closed down. Robert Schumann, a young doctor who dreamt of being a greyhound trainer breaks into the now abandoned track to reminisce. Whilst drowning in a nostalgic depression he decides to break into the main building of the track, once inside his nostalgia multiplies as he sees all the grandeur of his past heroes, longing to be like them, to have what they had. Robert continues his exploration until he finds his way into the preparation room, a place he had never been before. Awestruck by just being there he examines all the uniforms, dog vests and muzzles in the room, getting as close to the fantasy as he will ever get. His inspection is interrupted by a noise outside the preparation room.

What they told Cinema Australia“ I wanted to make something that wasn’t told through traditional plot devices, but rather shown atmospherically and tonally. Subtext replaces plot in this case and leaves you a lot more to say visually, which I think is the only way to tell this story.” – Josh Zammit, Director

You can donate and find out more about the project here:

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