ScreenWest launches Indigenous Screen Strategy 2016-2020

ScreenWest, Western Australia’s screen funding and development agency, has continued its commitment towards the State’s Indigenous screen sector with the release of its Indigenous Screen Strategy 2016-2020.

The Indigenous Screen Strategy, developed in consultation with the WA Indigenous screen sector and the wider industry, was presented at the State Theatre Centre of WA this morning by the Minister for Culture and the Arts, The Hon John Day.

During the presentation, which included a dance performance by Gya Ngoop Keeninyarra, Minister Day outlined the key objectives of the ScreenWest Indigenous Screen Strategy 2016-2020 as:
• Identifying and growing emerging talent
• Developing committed industry professionals
• Investing in sustaining the momentum of filmmakers’ careers
• Promoting the distinctive WA Indigenous filmmaking voice.

“These four objectives, reflective of the process of developing a story and making a screen product, work as a continuous cycle to renew and grow the WA Indigenous Screen Sector,” ScreenWest Chief Executive Ian Booth said.

ScreenWest has been a strong supporter of Indigenous filmmakers through screen projects including TV series From the Western Frontier and Kriol Kitchen, Australia’s first documentary musical Prison Songs, short films One Fine Day and Karroyul and features such as Satellite Boy.

“The WA Indigenous screen sector is an integral and unique part of the WA screen industry,” Mr Booth said. “This Strategy aims to take that sector to the next level by deploying ScreenWest resources strategically to guide and assist writers, directors and producers to succeed and drive Indigenous screen projects.

“Collaborating with Screen Australia, broadcasters, production companies, distributors, industry professional organisations and online platforms will further help determine pathways for WA screen practitioners and promote WA Indigenous filmmaking globally.”

ScreenWest sought input into the development of the Indigenous Screen Strategy with a comprehensive consultation process involving individual interviews and a visioning workshop with representatives of broadcasters, Indigenous and non-Indigenous producers, screen practitioners, relevant Government agencies and training organisations.

The 2016-2020 Indigenous Screen Strategy is available online at


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