Trailer of the Day: The Legend of Ben Hall (Teaser Trailer)

The Legend of Ben Hall

Directed by: Matthew Holmes
Starring: Jack Martin, Jamie Coffa, William Lee, Callan McAuliffe, Joanne Dobbin, Lauren Grimson, Adam Willson, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Gregory Quinn, Micheal Resce, Angus Pilakui, Peter Flaherty
Release Date: 2015
Did you know?: Tom Beaurepaire, the actor portraying Inspector Sanderson was born on 17th January… the real Sanderson died on 17th January in 1919.

A feature film depicting the last nine months of the infamous Australian bushranger Ben Hall and his gang. Based on the true story. Ben Hall makes plans to escape NSW before the law catches up with him – however he is betrayed by a trusted friend and sold out to the NSW police, who ambush his camp and assassinate him. (Cover Photo by Kim Dickson)

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