St Kilda film director launches new project to challenge violence against women

As of June this year, 41 women have been killed by violence in Australia.

Because of the two women we lose to gendered violence each week, the men who continue to terrorise women, the social attitudes that permit, excuse and pardon this violence – the team at Nexus Production Group (NPG) is launching its latest project and fundraiser to challenge the status quo and question – why a woman can’t feel safe when she walks home at night, why her freedom and right to be safe is dismissed if she ‘chooses’ to go for a jog at her local park and why women hold blame when they are raped, assaulted or abused by strangers or loved ones.

Daughter is a short film following three women from different walks of life whose paths cross one tragic night that chills the entire St Kilda community. Inspired by the loss of Tracey Connelly and Jill Meagher, Film Director and Screenwriter Sarah Jayne wrote Daughter to increase awareness about gendered violence and its impact on the community while raising important questions about victim blaming and media depictions of women.

Daughter will be shot entirely in the City of Port Phillip, with scenes taking place at iconic St Kilda locations. NPG will commence filming in September 2015. All proceeds from the Daughter premiere will go to St Kilda Gatehouse, an organisation that supports, mentors and provides a safe place for marginalised women.

On June 13, NPG is hosting a fundraiser to coincide with the launch of the project’s Pozible campaign. The event will include:
• Six short film screenings celebrating women in film production
• ‘Abuse & Empowerment’ – live panel talk by survivors for survivors
• Guest speakers including Author and Poet Carrie Bailee, Actor and Author Vanessa de Largie, Gatehouse CEO Sally Tonkin, local filmmakers and more!
• Raffle prize
• Refreshments and nibbles
• Greeves St. popup store
• An inspiring night where your presence and support will make an immense difference

Tickets are available at the door ($20) or here ($18.55)

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