ScreenLaunch announces May release date for Christopher Houghton’s Touch

Film distributor ScreenLaunch today announced Australian thriller, Touch, a tension-building mystery, will open in Australian cinemas from Thursday 21 May 2015.

Touch follows the intriguing journey of a mother, Dawn, (played by Leeanna Walsman from Carl Barron’s Manny Lewis) and her daughter Steph (played by newcomer Onor Nottle), who are on the run from a mysterious man, John (played by legendary Australian actor Matt Day). The film was produced by Julie Byrne from Triptych Pictures, the co-creators of the AACTA winning film, The Babadook

On Sunday 17 May, prior to the official release, the Regal Theatre in Adelaide will host Touch’s Australian Premiere where the cast and crew, including AACTA winning writer/director Christopher Houghton, will be in attendance. A Q&A session will be held with the cast following the film. Other Q&A events will also be held at select cinemas in Melbourne and Sydney, before the film screens nationally.

Speaking on behalf of the team behind the film, CEO of ScreenLaunch, Ross Howden, said the thought-provoking thriller builds up to an unexpected twist, which they are hoping audiences will not give away to others.

“It’s rare that Australia produces such a mind-teasing thriller that also packs a punch emotionally – perhaps Lantana was the last example of that kind of film-making,” Mr Howden said. “Touch is an incredibly raw and provocative film and the strong reception from critics is a testament to its power. Leeanna Walsman gives a stunning performance and everyone’s favourite nice guy, Matt Day, is superb as a tough-talking stalker – this alone is worth the ticket. Just don’t tell your friends about the twist!”

Touch writer and director, Christopher Houghton, commented: “Touch is a story about love, but not in the way you expect. It’s a mystery of the heart as much as it is a thriller about a mother on the run, protecting her child. We scouted everywhere for the best locations and found a landscape you don’t normally see in Australian films. It’s both exquisite and heart wrenching, and serves the story internally and externally. I’m very proud of that.”

The film played at Sydney Film Festival, where it sparked interest from both local and international audiences. Touch is also set to play this year in the USA at the Newport Film Festival and at festivals in the UK and around Europe, including Cannes and St Tropez film festivals.

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