Gayby Baby trailer drops along with news of its world premiere

The first trailer for Director Maya Newell’s anticipated documentary Gayby Baby dropped today along with news the film will have its world premiere at Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto, Canada in April.

You can see the trailer below.

Twenty-four percent of gay and lesbian couples in Australia are now raising a child. In the UK, USA and Europe, it’s even more. These kids are part of what can only be described as a ‘gayby-boom’. And yet, gaybies are a cultural phenomenon we know nothing about. So what is it like to grow up with same-sex parents? What unique challenges do gaybies face? And how does the global politics of marriage equality impact these kids in their day-to-day life?

Told from the perspective of the kids, Gayby Baby is a film about the experiences of the newest generation of gaybies, as well as a film about what family in the 21st century might mean to us all. In short, it’s a child’s eye view of our newest breed of family.

Keep up to date with the film here:
Twitter: @gaybybaby

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