Great News! New film festival launched to support Australian films with a budget of $50,000 or less

by Matthew Eeles:

Here’s some great news for filmmakers on a budget.

One of Australia’s finest young directing talents, Mekelle Mills (Zoe.Misplaced) has announced the launch of her new film festival and is now calling for entries.

Below Five Zero Film Festival will be be accepting submissions for films that have been made with a budget of $50,000 or less.

Below Five Zero was born out of Mills’ frustration at a lack of film festivals supporting low budget projects. “While there are many wonderful festivals out there supporting both Australian and International filmmakers, there seem to be zero of which supper the low budget filmmaker. I wanted to provide a platform dedicated solely to low budget Australian films to remove the competition of films with a higher budget.” Mills told Cinema Australia.

Below Five Zero will only accept submissions with a shooting budget of $50,000 or less.” Mills added.

Like most people in the business, Mills is well aware of how much filmmaking talent we have in Australia who don’t always get to showcase there films. “We are focussing on those with the skills but not the money. We need to remove the idea that to make films, we need money. This isn’t the case. Of course it is restricting, but it doesn’t make filmmaking impossible. Below Five Zero will also offer opportunities for filmmakers alike to connect and work together, brainstorm, share thoughts and rejoice in what we love doing!” Mills said

Mills hopes the film festival will shine a spotlight on Australian filmmakers, young and old, who have otherwise found it hard to have their work seen by big audiences. “We have a large pool of extremely talented filmmakers right here in our own backyards with so much potential. Below Five Zero Film Festival is a way of finding these individuals and investing in them. Thus protecting the future of Australian filmmaking.”

You can find out more about the festival, or submit your film, by clicking here.

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