Competition 2: What’s The Catch? (Now Closed)

What's The Catch? 1

When Matthew Evans leaves his Tasmanian farm to discover where the fish on Australian plates comes from, he’s quickly dragged hook, line and sinker into the complex world of Australia’s love affair with seafood.

Ex-chef, food critic and recently Gourmet Farmer, Matthew travels from the industrial salmon farms of his home state, to the catastrophic trawling in Asian seas to feed our love of cheap prawns – and from the depths of Australia’s threatened Great Barrier Reef, to the lucrative ranching of critically endangered species in South Australia.

Matthew highlights how most of our seafood is actually imported and explores why we are addicted to the same old species. He discovers which fish we should be eating instead, and campaigns to change the law, so when we ask “What’s the Catch?”, we can be better informed and help safeguard our oceans for generations to come.

What’s The Catch? is available to own on DVD now.

This competition has now closed and winners have been contacted. Thank you to everyone who entered.

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