Adelaide and Melbourne premieres announced for new Australian comedy The Heckler

From success at the LA Comedy Festival, where it won the ‘Best Ensemble’ award, comes the Melbourne and Adelaide Premiere of new body-swap film The Heckler.

It marks the feature film debuts of local talents Kate Jenkinson (Hiding, Offspring, Super Fun Night), Emily Taheny (Mad as Hell, It’s a Date, Comedy Inc) and Simon Mallory (Comedy Inc) and also stars CJ Fortuna (Kinne, Any Questions for Ben), Scott Harrison (Charlie & Boots, The Hollowmen) and Dave Lawson (Utopia) along with a host of comedy performers including Tony Martin and Jeff Green.

Described by Hollywood comedy guru Steve Kaplan (author of The Hidden Tools of Comedy) as A delightfully charming comedy… wonderfully witty! For once an LOL that is really an LOL!” – The Heckler is about a stand-up comedian who has his body hijacked by the spirit of a jealous heckler and must find a way to reclaim it before his career is ruined now that an idiot is in charge.

It marks the directional feature debut of Ben Plazzer after a string of shorts (one of which, Noddy, recently took out top prize at the Peninsula Film Festival).

The LA Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival in the United States and the filmmakers aim to follow-up the win in LA with similar success at the main Australian Comedy Festivals. Co-producer Katrina Fleming (CANOPY) said, “Launching the film through comedy festivals, instead of film festivals, will not only appeal to its target audience, but adds to the experience of watching a film about stand-up comedians.”

Many of the stand-up comics who have cameos in the film will be preforming their own shows at this year’s MICF.

Palace Nova Eastend, 250 Rundle St, Adelaide
Date: Friday 13th March
Tickets: $25
Time: 7:15pm

ACMI Cinema (Fed Square)
Date: Thursday 2nd April
Tickets: $25
Time: 7:30pm
Encore screening (with live stand-up, etc): Wednesday 15th April, Palace Kino (Collins St) at 7pm.

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