Superhero short ‘The Icebreaker’ takes flight

Fremantle based production company Euclid Media have successfully crowd funded their short film The Icebreaker.

The Icebreaker has employed the talents of over 20 local Perth filmmakers, pre-production is in full swing and principal photography will start in mid April.

When complete The Icebreaker will be entered into festival circuits, both national and internationally. Several of Euclid Media’s previous films have screened at various festivals, including Melbourne Underground Film Festival and Cinefest Oz.

Writer and Director Taylor Gilbert has a strong love of the superhero genre, but has felt most superhero films shy away from strong character development. “The Icebreaker is a refreshing twist on the genre of superhero films”, he said.
“What we want to do is explore the absurdity of someone putting on a mask and costume to excuse being a party animal.”

Taylor Gilbert (L) and Eduardo Martinez (R)

Taylor Gilbert (L) and Eduardo Martinez (R)

The film follows the story of a superhero known by the alias of ‘The Icebreaker’, whose unique super power is to break the ice of any social situation. It pokes fun at the superhero genre and so called pickup artists.

Perth based actor Brodie Masini will play the character The Icebreaker. “The Story is a dark, dark comedy but it’s also about mateship, romance and loneliness”, he said.

“It’s a great script, it’s so funny it makes you laugh, makes you cry. The crew involved are great and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”
Brodie was the lead in the 2013 Tropfest film Revive, which won the People’s Choice award for best film.

Producer of The Icebreaker Ben Wright is a passionate supporter of the Perth film industry. “We feel that this is a great opportunity to support the film industry in Perth,” he said.
“This project is being made by a group of all Western Australian filmmakers who aim to create something unique. We want to prove that you can make films for a global audience here in Perth.”

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