The Backlot Perth is now open for business

A Cinema Australia Promotional Feature: The Backlot Perth is a purpose built private screening room for film and corporate presentations. Nestled between Northbridge and Leederville, on the outskirts of Perth’s CBD, The Backlot Perth features a 50 seat screening and presentation room, lounge and bar area, providing plenty of options for hosting your important guests.

The ideal location for staff training, product launches, client presentations, social club gatherings and interstate conferencing, we can tailor the venue services to meet the specific requirements of each individual client. From recent movie releases to corporate digital presentations to DVD/Blu-ray. The Backlot Perth is equipped to show it all.

The Backlot Perth is a boutique, state-of-the-art facility designed to ensure your presentations, films and conferences are presented at the highest possible standard. We know how important your staff, clients and customers are to you and we work closely with you to ensure your organisation is presented professionally at every turn.


Give your guests the most incredible presentation possible. Deliver your message and bring your product or service to life by projecting it onto the big screen while your guests relax in comfort. Special built-in features within the cinema allow you to deliver your presentation without compromise and create a truly memorable experience.

A product launch has one goal – to put your product or service firmly in the minds and memories of your guests. Let your staff and clients feel the rumble of the engine with our Dolby Digital 7.1 sound, swim through crystal blue waters with 3D technology and see a kaleidoscope of colour with the highest quality projection.

Our team at The Backlot Perth are on hand to ensure your presentation or launch is flawless. We liaise with your team to arrange all the fine details of your event, including catering, staff, theming and generally ensure your guests feel welcome at every instance.

The Backlot Perth offers absolute comfort for 50 guests with leather armchairs. A flexible entertaining space includes a bar / service area with a coffee machine for fresh brews. Lecturn, microphone, wifi are available and we and we can even project your organisation’s logo onto the big screen to greet everyone upon entry.

Events at The Backlot Perth cover all spheres of entertainment. Whether you are looking to treat your staff or clients to a special screening, host a product launch or throw a function for your social club, we provide a flexible, boutique and private environment. We can even hook you up for a gaming experience that will make you forget you played any other way.

Why not get a group of clients, staff or mates together and book The Backlot Perth to celebrate one of the big sporting events coming up in 2015. We can theme up a function for any sport that takes your fancy, all you need to do is choose your event!

The Backlot

The Backlot Post utilises The Backlot Studios’ private cinema facilities (also in Melbourne and coming soon to Brisbane), where our team & clients can mix in style within our stunning 7.1 cinema environment, with additional audio services including pre-mix, foley, sound design and ADR conducted from our purpose built audio production facility). View the Facebook page here.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival has kicked off its celebration of Australian film – past present and future – with an ongoing series of screenings at The Backlot Perth. Revelation’s Australian Revelations series will present monthly screenings that celebrate Australia’s rich and diverse film culture. Each feature screening will be accompanied by a Western Australian made short film, providing opportunities for local filmmakers to have their work seen by new audiences.

Featured image by: Craig Chiswell via

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