Crowdfunding campaign launched for Jeff Asselin’s Pinch – See the brand new trailer here


A Pozible campaign has just been launched for Western Australian filmmaker Jeff Asselin’s anticipated coming-of-age drama Pinch.

When the target is reached the team will use the funds to assist with entry fees to international film festival.

There are a heap of great rewards on offer for contributors including DVDs, tickets to the film’s VIP premiere screening as well as an Associate Producer credit.

You can contribute to the campaign and see the brand new trailer here.

SYNOPSIS: A light-fingered teen living in industrial suburbia struggles in the shadow of his Mother’s desperate need for an organ donor. When he skips school to take a job at a second hand car yard he soon uncovers a front for a local crime syndicate. Convinced he can buy his Mother a second chance at life, he schemes to pinch a large drug haul, but soon discovers life sinking from naive penny pinching to the abyss of major crime.

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