Pandora Productions drop Acacia teaser trailer

Pandora Productions dropped a teaser trailer this morning for its new film Acacia.

While details about the film are scarce we’ve taken this extract from Pandora Productions’ Facebook page which tells us a bit about the film…

The film Acacia has been created female heavy and will push the boundaries of the all to familiar never ending battle for dominance, power and leadership in trying times when leadership is needed. In this particular time in history the woman take the stage and lead with true conviction, they are ‘The Fire Leaders of the Resistance’. No empathy, no excuses, no problems. Their cause. Total eradication of the Nocturi species and anyone obstructing this core ideal. These woman are Heroines, they are both feared and loved by the people. When Acacia, Rein and Kamera are around, you better not be.

You can check out the film’s Facebook page here and Pandora Productions’ YouTube channel here.

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